commanded us

to live differently in the world

Our Mission In Christ is a practical guide to understand how to become people who will change the world.

Understand Jesus' Mission
Learn How To Live Differently
Re-Discover Your Purpose

"We are to live our lives like Jesus, on mission. God sent Jesus on mission, in the same way, He sent us."

Andy Ziesemer

Author of Our Mission In Christ

Did you know you're
supposed to change the world?

The enemy is working to distract and confuse you, blinding you from understanding Jesus' mission for your life. Your daily life should make an eternal impact.

Andy Ziesemer, Author of Our Mission In Christ

Living differently is difficult, I get it.

Jesus' mission for my life is to equip the found and find the lost.

I traveled the world for years and watched too many people be told they weren’t qualified to be a part of the mission of Christ. I don’t see that in the Bible.

That’s why we started A Jesus Mission. So everyday Christians could be sent as ambassadors into the world.

I started The New Divide, an international rock and worship band, and toured the world sharing the Gospel. In 2013 we started A Jesus Mission, a 501(c)3 organization that sends missionaries and church planters into the world. We’ve sent hundreds of people to live on mission.

I want to help send you.

Re-Discover Your Purpose

Learn Jesus' mission for your life. Start living differently. Become someone who will change the world.


This is much bigger than a book. When implemented, it will impact how you live and interact with the world.


The work doesn't finish on the last page. We are called to live together, join our Facebook group, and meet people who will change the world.


James says it best, "But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." Start living on purpose.

Have you been told that knowing Jesus demands action, but have no idea where to start?​

Understand Jesus' Mission

In this book, you will learn how to understand Jesus' mission for your life.

Learn How To Live Differently

This book will show you how to get started living differently, no matter where you are.​

Re-Discover Your Purpose

Find your purpose through Jesus' mission and become someone who changes the world.

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